Al Qaeda warns about a Muslim Holocaust

Posted on September 15, 2012


Konstantin Garibov
Sep 13, 2012 16:13

Al Qaeda has accused the US authorities of waging a war against Islam. Al Qaeda’s spokesman for American Muslims, Adam Gadahn, who was on the top ten most wanted terrorist list last year, has urged Muslims living in the US to be ready for a Holocaust.

Gadahn’s joint interview with Al Qaeda’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was posted on the Internet on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary. It follows from the video that Muslims in New York and Los Angeles should brace themselves for reprisals. America’s opposition to Islam as a system of political views is evident, Gadahn said. Muslims are currently being killed in Yemen and may come under attack in New York and Los Angeles fairly soon, Al Qaeda’s representative said. Given an upsurge of Islamism worldwide, Al Qaeda is trying to position itself as a defender of Islam in general speaking on behalf of Muslims all over the world, Vladimir Isayev of the Oriental Studies Research Institute, says.

“Al Qaeda has found itself at a crossroads. It has been keeping a close eye on Islamic governments that came to power in some countries following the Arab Spring revolutions. Reports say that Al Qaeda assisted in the overthrow of regimes in Egypt and Yemen and its militants were spotted in Syria. On the one hand, Al Qaeda could count on good disposition from these new governments. On the other hand, its members and leaders cannot but understand that they are simply being used by certain groups while the new Islamic authorities are building new states on the basis of their own principles. In all likelihood, Al Qaeda might end up on the losing side.”

Al Qaeda leader’s younger brother Muhammad al-Zawahiri said in his recent CNN interview that western countries, and the US in particular, should wrap up a truce with Islamists. The US and the West should abstain from meddling in the affairs of Islamic states, he said. In return, Islamic groups should “end attacks on western and US interests”.

Apparently, Al Qaeda wants to assert itself and has no intention of striking peace with the West. The peace plan was offered in the hope that it would be rejected. The rejection could justify new terrorist acts. The warning about the oncoming Holocaust against American Muslims can be described as an attempt to drag them into confrontation with the US authorities.

Obama responded to the accusations by saying that the United States is waging war against Al Qaeda and its network, but not against Islam. Boris Dolgov of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences believes, however, Barack Obama was insincere in his remarks and that the US position is controversial in nature.

“On the one hand, the US continues to fight against Al Qaeda in Yemen and Afghanistan. On the other hand, they support Al Qaeda militants, first in Libya, then in Syria. The US adheres to double standards regarding Al Qaeda. It supports it or fights against it depending on the gains it gets from it. This evokes different approaches from those who deem Al Qaeda radical Islamists, and who oppose the US.”

As Al Qaeda leaders are concerned about losing their international sway and consequently, financial assistance, they are flirting with the Islamic world by taking all Muslims under protection. Any sensible politician would discern the attempts to fool Muslims behind this façade.

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