U.S. canceled flights to Tegucigalpa with deported Hondurans

Posted on September 14, 2012


Planet | 11:18 a.m.

Tegucigalpa / ACAN-EFE

The U.S. immigration authorities have decided to scrap the Tegucigalpa airport for flights Hondurans deported from the north country, reported the director of the Center for Migrants Returned, Valdette Willeman.

The reason for that is the difficulty measure was passed on August 15, landing in Tegucigalpa, a plane carrying several Honduran immigrants, Willeman told reporters, without specifying details of the incident. He said the U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa have been reported this week that airplanes Honduran immigrants deported only land in San Pedro Sula, northern Central America.

In response, the Center for Migrants Returned (CAMR private) has closed its operations in Tegucigalpa Toncontin Airport and only attend the deportees in San Pedro Sula, said Willeman. So far in 2012, the U.S. immigration authorities have deported 23,000 Hondurans, of which the majority came in aircraft landed smoothly in Tegucigalpa.

The airport in the Honduran capital represents a risk for their short track and the hills that surround it, but the few accidents recorded so far in the terminal area have been human error, according to official reports.

The construction of a new international airport for Tegucigalpa has confronted with government authorities led by Porfirio Lobo and the mayor of the capital, Ricardo Alvarez, and other tourism-related sectors who oppose the Government’s initiative that will be affected.

Wolf argues that for reasons of “security”, Toncontin airport would only be for domestic flights with small aircraft, and the airport in the capital does not have the recognition of international air navigation.

The president reiterated that the new airport will be in Tegucigalpa Palmerola, 80 kilometers north of Tegucigalpa, where it operates a military base built in the late nineteenth century by the U.S. and a school of Honduran Air Force.

The military base is shared by U.S. and Honduran. The mayor of Tegucigalpa, one of the candidates of the ruling National Party that wants to be president of Honduras, says he will not let the city run out international airport, while agreeing with the other terminal is built in Palmerola.

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