Revolutionary Socialism “SRs”: the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis refuse to stop cooperating with America

Posted on September 14, 2012


Started Mervat Adel Mohammed
Friday, September 14, 2012 – 23:37

Movement SRs issued a statement Friday evening, during which he was confirmed categorical rejection of each attack on the holy sites and religious symbols Islamic or Christian.

She added in her statement that in the same time that ignites the anger against America, adheres leaders Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis constantly diplomatic relations and economic and military ties with the United States of America, do not take any real steps to halt cooperation with the colonial regime also does not seek seriously to cancel the peace treaty shameful and wasteful independence National with the Zionist entity.

The movement called the masses to mobilize their strength and regroup to put pressure on the elected authority to reject U.S. military aid and to stop all forms of cooperation with Alomrakihoelghae forces of the Camp David once and for all. And supporting the Palestinian resistance in all possible ways.

As I emphasized in its statement that the real battle of the Arab revolutions battle against U.S. imperialism and not against other cultures or freedom of expression, and that this battle will not win unless constantly and growth struggle for radical toiling and oppressed of all peoples against their exploiters and tormentors at home and abroad.

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