Obama’s Daily Telegraph: help to overthrow dictators in the countries of the Arab Spring did not guarantee you stability in the region

Posted on September 14, 2012


Friday, September 14 / September 2012 09:27
The letter “Daily Telegraph” message to U.S. President Barack Obama, saying: The help you to drop the tyrants in countries Arab Spring did not guarantee you stability in the region did avoids evils, but overturned today the Arab peoples, which were indignant at their rulers, on America itself.

She noted that “for more than a year, gave politicians on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean their weight supported changes that caused earthquakes between the ruling elite that was in control of the region for decades, and they succeeded in removing a dictator follows the other, either through force of arms or force discontent overwhelming, making Western leaders call this wave by mistake the name of the “Arab Spring”, thinking of them as similar pro-democracy movements on the western style. ”

They pointed out that “in Washington, sought President Obama, since the beginning of his presidency, initiates new relationships with the Muslim world and said he gave unconditional support to those campaigns pro-democracy for change in Arab capitals major, and encouraged the overthrow of the strongest allies of Washington and longest-serving, which President Ousted “Hosni Mubarak”, and support the military campaign to overthrow Colonel Libyan “Muammar Gaddafi.” and was “David Cameron”, British Prime Minister, and former French President “Nicolas Sarkozy” in the forefront of the coalition led by NATO last year to change the regime in Tripoli, while “William Hague” lectured regularly staff at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that it is important for Britain to be seen as supportive of the reformers who are calling for change in the Middle East. ”

And Okddt that “the brutal murder of the U.S. ambassador,” Chris Stevens “and his colleagues in the Libyan city of Benghazi coastal proved that wave of change sweeping the region is not without risk, it is still too early to tell responsible for that attack, which confirms that this episode tragic indicate hide dangerous currents swirling under the name of reform movements. ” She said: “Given the timing of murder, in the eleventh anniversary of the worst terrorist attack carried out on American soil, attributed some officials Libyans this heinous act to Ansar al-Sharia, a group Islamic militant known ties to the document to al Qaeda, which has been persecuted viciously in light of the Gaddafi regime, which refers to the chaos afflicting Libya post-Gaddafi asserts the opposite theories of the Arab Spring. ”

And denounced the newspaper lack of appreciation of the countries of North Africa effort Dynamic World, and the intervention of the West continuing to help them achieve their goals, and although the official position of the government of the new Libyan elected in July is to seek friendly conversation with the West, but there are still many factions, including those that support the agenda of radical Islamists, they want the country to adopt more anti-Western approach, and strongly reject the continued influence of Western powers to make development in the country.

The same is true in Egypt, in addition to the leading role that aspired Obama administration in securing the removal of “Mubarak” from power last year, which was similar fortress U.S. embassy in Cairo, said the president, “Mohammed Mursi,” he wants to maintain friendly relations with the West, and denounced the violent demonstrations that his country Sthdha before the U.S. embassy which can easily have results similar to those in Benghazi.

There is no doubt is that these two countries, find themselves increasingly vulnerable to the demands of radical Muslims fundamentalists, under systems Mubarak and Gaddafi, were these characters trapped in prison cells gloomy, but with the demise of tyrants, and if the departure of Syrian President “Bashar al-Assad” soon surely , the impact of growing Islamist armed fighters, became reflects the changing face of the Middle East also increase the difficulties for Western policy makers.

The newspaper concluded its report, saying: I have overthrown President Jimmy Carter from the White House for failing to rescue American hostages in Iran of families, and can suffer Obama from a similar fate in the presidential election next month if it can not reach a convincing way to deal with the new generation of Islamic extremists in the Arab world.

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