Mosquito breaking into a car factory in Algeria

Posted on September 14, 2012


Friday, September 14, 2012
Car factory management was forced industrial area of ​​Rouiba in the eastern suburb of the Algerian capital, to evacuate the plant from 6 thousand workers and close it after a massive attack of mosquitoes.

Algerian newspapers reported that it was decided to evacuate the plant “after panic that hit workers” in an emergency meeting of the Board of Directors of the National Company for industrial vehicles, which produces trucks, buses and public works machinery. The Algerian newspaper El Khabar said that mosquitoes caused injury thousand workers.

Ministry official confirmed that “106 workers from the factory had been taken to the hospital” after being exposed to mosquito bites.

“All the workers have left the hospital, preliminary analyzes also revealed that it was a Bbawwad normal.”

According to the newspaper story, the mosquitoes attack extended to university students not far from the industrial zone, and mosquito samples sent to the Pasteur Institute in Algiers for analysis.

The official in the Ministry of Health that the water accumulated inside the plant and its surroundings, “contributed to the high prevalence of mosquitoes.”

And in a statement said the Ministry of Health and Population and Hospital Reform Algerian, said that “spread of mosquitoes unknown in the city of Rouiba the eastern suburbs of the capital, not to worry as all the investigations that have been carried out confirms that there is no danger.”

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