Crude Muhammad Satire

Posted on September 14, 2012


Susanne Ostwald
Internationally Yesterday
This movie could also “Life of Muhammad” hot – are so clear, the bonds issued by the Californian amateur filmmaker Sam Bacile has made in the film satire “Life of Brian”. Terms of the level, but worlds between the intelligent factory of the comedy troupe Monty Python and Baciles grobhumorigem film are titled “The innocence of the Muslims.” In its entirety, but this has been shown before. Can only be based on an idea that 14-minute trailer on Youtube gain, at which tempers have heated.

The satirical intent of the film is set on the picture clearly, by intentionally chargierende actor and a cheap-looking desert scenery, filmed in blue-screen process. Stereotypes about Muslims are exaggerated in primitive puns manner. It shows the prophet when gnawing on a bone during sex when drinking alcohol and in a scene where he is ridiculed as whipping victim of jealous women, its role as the bearer of God’s word is doubted, insinuates a homosexual inclination. At the beginning of the trailer is shown a raid against Coptic Christians in Egypt, as in an exaggerated manner.

That the film has received such attention, the Egyptian-born Christian Morris Sadek is owed, the promoted the film on its website. Sun Egyptian media became interested in the work. They also showed clips at which ignited the riots in Cairo and Benghazi. Was also fueled the rebellion by Terry Jones, that Christian pastor, who had in 2011 with the threat to burn the Koran, triggered angry protests in Pakistan, he also advertise Baciles film.

Rather naively its author now says he did not expect such a reaction, he was sorry. Since the fatwa against Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses” and the controversy over the cartoons is known that Muslims respond to satire which is Blasphemieverdacht, very sensitive. Also “Life of Brian” (1979), which satirizes the life of Christ sparked his time in many Western countries a storm of indignation. He promoted but also the fruitful dialogue with questions of artistic freedom and religious tolerance. That the latter is very low in some shows, now as a comment on Youtube to Baciles film in which an anonymous calls to behead those who insult Islam.

Perceive Baciles foolish film as a real insult, however, this does honor to too much. Unlike, say, Geert Wilders’ anti-Islamic arisen 2007 concoction, “Fitna,” it is not a serious provocation.

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