” American military buildup in Libya exaggerated”

Posted on September 14, 2012


Friday, September 14, 2012 Algeria: Reza Chenouf
Libya’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations Ibrahim Dabbashi’s Khabar
New deputy representative of Libya to the United Nations, Ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi, condemned his killing American ambassador in Benghazi, and stressed that his country will do everything in its power to arrest those behind this unfortunate incident, as described, and will be brought to justice, but it is considered that in the event that Washington paid military reinforcements according to what was published in the media, the procedure is exaggerated and does not reflect the reality of the situation.
What is your comment on the killing of the American ambassador in Benghazi because the movie insulting to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?
Is an unfortunate accident and painfully by a group outside the law, and the film because of whom signed these events is in fact the insolence against the Prophet, but the method of protest against the film does not serve Islam and Muslims, but offers cheap propaganda for the film, and those who want to protest should be invoked in a peaceful manner and civilized and not rhythm victims, this thing which is bad for the image of Islam and Muslims, and I say and I repeat that it is carried out this work is criminal and should be prosecuted and punished, because the Libyan government has a responsibility to protect diplomatic missions in accordance with international conventions and the Libyan government does not shirk from its responsibilities.

There a large U.S. military reinforcements pushed out to Libya was the two destroyers and drones and elements of the Marines, how do you see the reaction of the U.S.?

I have no confirmed information about sending America all these reinforcements, regarding the drone said to be in the context of cooperation between Libya and the United States to monitor the border, but if there is any presence or action by the United States without coordination with the Libyan, the Libyan people will be seen as an act of aggression, Libyans will not accept the presence of any U.S. weapons without their knowledge. Libya may use countries, including the United States, in order to conduct investigations into what happened in Benghazi and the arrest of the culprits, but that does not mean to intervene unilaterally.

But do not you see that a large U.S. reinforcements?
I do not think that the incident calls to send such reinforcements, and if this information is correct, I think that it is an amplifier, there is no need to send the United States all of these enhancements.

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