U.S. judge rejects clauses in the law on terrorism is controversial

Posted on September 13, 2012


GMT 23:46 2012 Wednesday, September 12
A. P. B.
New York: refused federal judge in New York Wednesday clauses in the law on terrorism and supported indefinitely journalists and experts fear rights may have been violated in the field of expression.

The judge refused to Catherine Forest analogous provisions in the National Defence Act, signed by Barack Obama in 2011, which allows for indefinite detention of U.S. citizens accused of supporting terrorist organizations.

The activists, including in the New York Times journalist Christopher Hedges and Professor Noam Chomsky raised the complaint and asserted that the law is vague and could be used to deny journalists from expressing their opinion as well as other citizens protected by the First Amendment.

They considered it also threatens the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution on the protection of the right to self-defense in court.

The Judge said in its resolution that the plaintiffs “proved that the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment will be affected.”

And disrupted Judge “permanently” the application of this item in the law after being suspended in May / May and urged Congress to reconsider.

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