Intentional attack on CIA agents, reveals The Day

Posted on September 13, 2012


September 12, 2012
MEXICO CITY (approved). – Four recordings, one of them with the camera on the helmet he carried an element of the Navy (Semar), allowed the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) to reconstruct the events Aug. 18 in federal highway Mexico-Cuernavaca also corroborate that elements of the Federal Police (PF) violated their protocols.

According to these recordings, which realizes the newspaper La Jornada in today’s edition, from private vehicles and on foot, about 20 men in civilian clothes opened fire on two elements of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA for its acronym in English) and a sailor,-without any aggression by them and not to represent a risk to the members of the Federal Public Security Secretariat (SSP).

Sources consulted by the newspaper reported that the RMP investigates an alleged attempted murder and cover-up by senior members of the PF, because not all elements attacked the diplomatic vehicle were presented, although they were identified.

They said that after the shooting, the commanders of the Navy and members of the CIA operating in Mexico saw the videos that can be seen in the scenes in which some 18 or 20 men in civilian clothes, some in cars and others on foot fired against armored van Toyota, with diplomatic plates BCM-242, and then were supported by uniformed federal police.

With the videos recorded by one of the members of the Army, the Federal Public Ministry was able to identify some of the participants in the attack have not been arrested and confirm that they were dressed in civilian clothes and were transported in private vehicles.

Sources consulted by La Jornada revealed the installation of video cameras in the helmets is used by members of the special forces when operating at high risk.

According to official information, the CIA agents who were in the armored van, Jess Garner and Stan Hood Dove, were in Mexico as shooting instructors and collaborate with Semar in training personnel deployed in a training camp in Xalatlaco municipality, State of Mexico.

On 24 August, the Mexican government recognized that the attackers were federal police, while the U.S. Embassy in Mexico said that it had been ambushed.

The newspaper also revealed that according to information from the Deputy Regional Control of Criminal Procedure and Amparo, who runs Victoria Pacheco Jimenez, the Federal Public Ministry denied that the investigation into the kidnapping of Salvador Flores Pérez Vidal, Director of Protocol and Public Relations National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), has a connection with the attack against the Americans and the ocean, as noted by the federal SSP.

In former days, Pacheco Jimenez met for over three hours with Vidal Flores, who claimed to have been abducted near Huitzilac, on his way to Mexico City, and said he had sought help from the Federal Police.

According to the paper, the research shows that the vehicle had allegedly INAH director does not match the description of the armored vehicle with diplomatic plates, so it was ruled that it was continuing or related facts.

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