GDF begins selling imported U.S. egg

Posted on September 13, 2012


After several announcements, the Federal District Government (GDF) finally started selling the first 20 tons of eggs imported from the U.S., to 20 pesos per kilo, and was announced by the head of Government, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, who used to complain about the processes followed administration to obtain the product from abroad.

In an interview, the PRD president recalled that federal authorities who do the SE accelerates traders authorizations from the Central de Abasto to buy blanquillos U.S., Colombia and Costa Rica, the price will be reduced from 45 to 15 pesos .

“From my point of view if you need to speed up the topic. But well, you got a first shipment of imported eggs are starting to circulate today (yesterday), and we will continue in the same thing we’re doing, “Ebrard said after inaugurating the second phase of Individual Transport System Ecobici.

In this regard, said that traders seek the Central de Abasto acquire tons of poultry products necessary to influence the price of the product, considered one of the basic food basket.

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