Doctor helped find Bin Laden is in a desperate situation

Posted on September 13, 2012


Thursday, 09/13/2012 13:01
Pakistani doctors have American help hunting down Osama Bin Laden just his voice that he did not know the U.S. was used to track terrorist.

Doctor helped find Bin Laden is in a desperate situation?

Dr. Afridi was detained on charges of colluding with foreign intelligence.


Dr Shakil Afridi said since the killed Bin Laden last year, he was the Pakistani intelligence forces “abducted and tortured” – U.S. TV channel Fox News said in an interview from home employees in Peshawar.

Mr Afridi said that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI to see the United States as “enemy number one”.

Doubt the authenticity of the interview

This interview was published shortly before the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attack on 11.9 in the United States. However, Mr Afridi’s lawyer told the BBC that he did not believe in the authenticity of this interview.

Mr. Samiullah Afridi explained that his client was “very tight security surveillance”, when he was not even meet their relatives and lawyers for months.

“How can a journalist interviewed him in prison? It is beyond my imagination,” the lawyer said.

Officials of prison custody Afridi also expressed surprise about this interview. But they do not exclude the possibility that a cell phone was smuggled into the prison cell.

Dr. Afridi was accused of trying to get DNA samples from Bin Laden’s body under the guise of a program of hepatitis B vaccination author.

In May, Mr Afridi was sentenced to 33 years in prison for funding and supporting an armed organization, however communications or cause him to be punished because support for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency CIA.

“No doubt that Bin Laden”

Working from the center of Peshawar, Dr. Afridi said he did not know that the CIA is aimed at Bin Laden.

“I do not know a specific target at all outside of work that I was assigned,” said Afridi told Fox.

“I know that there are any terrorists hiding in the house, but I do not know who you are. I was shocked. I do not believe I have been involved in the murder of his (Bin Laden)”, he said.

He also said the CIA was advised to run Afghanistan.

However, Afridi doctors are afraid to cross the border volatile and do not think you ran away because he did not believe that you are related to the death of Bin Laden.

Dr. Afridi was arrested at a checkpoint in Hayatabad on 22.5 last year, just 20 days after Bin Laden killed.

After his arrest, he was blindfolded for eight months and was handcuffed for a year in a prison under the ISI headquarters in the capital, Islamabad.

“I had to kneel on the pillow and just use your mouth to eat, like a dog,” he said.

During the interrogation, he was tortured by electric shock and what a burning cigarette in the ISI accused him of helping the United States to hunt Bin Laden.

He recounted the words of the ISI officers: “The U.S. is our number one enemy of me, and than us Indian”.

However, independent analysts Shaukat Kadir told the BBC may be a number of such views in the Pakistani security forces, but only a minority.

Dr Afridi said he himself “proud” to work for the CIA and will help Americans again regardless of the physical and mental torture that he went through.

Desperate situation?

Pakistan government has not yet responded officially on Afridi’s allegations, however, the authorities have always insisted that any country will do the same way they treat Afridi if they found out who that working for foreign intelligence agencies.

Afridi’s lawyer or, if the interview with Afridi is real, sure he will be even more miserable in the coming days.

However, Samiullah lawyer also said that both himself and family of Afridi were unable to confirm this interview.

From Islamabad, the BBC said that there are many questions in the interview Afridi Fox. A jail supervisor judged that, if someone smuggled in for Afridi, the phone can only be one of his relatives came to visit Afridi twice in August. But many people will ask why these relatives – a brother, two sisters and a cousin – in exchange the right to regular visitation that they new very hard to get banned after a while ?

Another issue is whether Doctor Afridi really say what is as Fox reported or not?

“A reasonable interpretation is Afridi doctors believe he is in despair and said everything would be the best self-defense,” he added.

Huyen Anh – BBC

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