Morris Sadek: The Movie ‘is not offensive to Islam and responsible for it’ U.S. exit ‘

Posted on September 12, 2012


Wed, 12/09/2012 – 23:25

Morris said Sadiq, a lawyer and co-writing the film, which he considered protesters «offensive» Messenger, that «the goal of supporting the film is to highlight the discrimination against Christians, who represent 10% of Egypt’s population of 83 million people.

The «honest»: «course of thought must be given it thought, I do not consider the film insulting to Islam.

He pointed out that «more interested in encouraging people to watch the first part of the film, which includes scenes of an angry crowd of Islamists smashing clinic doctor Christian while Egyptian police do not move a finger to stop them.

Commented «honest», who heads the group of the National Assembly Coptic America, to publish his blog statement on behalf of Assembly promotes the film, saying: «I’m just the Coptic announced the film, but did not participate in its production, worked publicity for the film, I’d in the film of the first piece of persecution ».

He stressed that the writer and director, Sam Basile, is responsible for the film, describing it as ‘U.S.’.

He accused the Egyptian government «support the demonstrators who surrounded the U.S. Embassy, ​​Tuesday, and said:« the government helped them and allowed them to field to protest but not in a peaceful and violence against ideas, he said.

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