French President Francois Hollande to Algeria disturb Morocco

Posted on September 12, 2012


Began results fall Sarkozy of France’s presidency and assume Socialist Hollande leadership Elysee ridden diplomacy Kingdom of Morocco, after Paris’s decision to withdraw their investments from Morocco and demonstrate its intention to invest in Algeria, here is the president’s visit Holland to Algeria upcoming October shake Moroccan diplomacy that tried hard to disable this visit and diverting wind to what was known and familiar from French presidents who appear in the first visits to North Africa in Morocco as the first station to them.

Ended the dream of Moroccan diplomacy, which has been every time brings French presidents affiliated to the right and the extreme right to the Kingdom of Morocco, where confirmed by visits by a number of French ministers including the visit of Interior Minister of France, Foreign Minister’s visit to Laurent Fabius and recently French Minister Delegate costly Balfrankovnah, Yamina bin Qiqi, where he confirmed everyone he came in preparation practical to visit Holland to Algeria, which is also a dynamic diplomacy between Algeria and France rebounded after the rise of Holland to power, but the media talked about discomfort and right parties window within circles decision-making in France, the most important lobby to the right and the extreme right as well as “remnants” footnote Sarkozy, who reject any rapprochement between France and its colonies of old, who showed their resentment of the visit, noting media sources also noted that circles up to the issue of relations Algerian French, confirmed the other that there are lobbies worked and is working to block visits by French officials, and try to blow up the rapprochement between Algeria and France, after I felt that Holland “serious” in his promises and his plan for the restoration of sediment and cracks extended for decades.

This is what led the press Moroccan to quickly publish this information and respond to it, and said that Algeria “accuses” Morocco obstructing Holland to get closer to Algeria, which works to “keep the relationship with Paris strained to the interests and lobbyists fear of exposure scandals and wasting their interests.”

In contrast enhanced dynamic Algerian diplomacy with French diplomacy, to work together to prepare a visit by French President Francois Hollande Algeria, next October, in the first visit to North Africa, Morocco was usually a country that enjoys first visit to North Africa, the change that happened comforted Newspapers French to the efforts of diplomacy carried out by the Algerian Foreign Ministry, where intensified its contacts Elysee linked intensive contacts with the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs French costly Balfrankovnah, Yamina bin Qiqi, who attended to Algeria since the end of the week to prepare for the visit of French President Francois Hollande, who said that it will be loaded with “New”, especially since Holland said he wanted to make “the Mediterranean region for projects”, and optimal use of competencies of the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean, as he stated that he prefers to invest in Algeria on the other North African countries.

Malik Raddad

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