Teenager killed six people near the headquarters of NATO

Posted on September 9, 2012


Six dead in Kabul suicide attack


Photo: AP

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September 8, 2012


Kabul. – A teenager killed six people near the headquarters of NATO and embassy in Kabul in a suicide attack that illustrates the difficulty for Afghans to restore security in the country with only two years for the withdrawal of international forces.

The Taliban, who immediately claimed the attack, said their goal was to hit the “CIA” in retaliation for the decision on Friday by the United States to include the Haqqani network, a Taliban faction linked to Al Qaeda, in its blacklist terrorist groups.

At least five other people were wounded, said Sediq Sediqi told AFP, Interior Ministry spokesman.

“Most of the victims are children who gather around the ISAF to sell items to soldiers arriving and leaving the base,” said a police official who requested anonymity. He explained it was a “young child” which had the explosive charge.

“A child of 16 years, on foot, blew himself up,” said Gen. Ayub Salangi, police chief of Kabul, who gave an overview of four dead and two injured.

The attack was perpetrated in the Green Zone, the embassy district, shortly after he ended his speech by First Vice President Mohammad Qasim Fahim told hundreds of dignitaries on the death of Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud, the hero of the fight against the Taliban murdered 11 years ago by Al Qaida.

Difficulties to ensure safety


The attack, the third in the capital this year, shows that the Afghan forces, formed by the coalition troops since their arrival in late 2001, have great difficulty in ensuring security in Kabul.

And that despite the fact that many rebels manage to stop before they act, demonstrating that Afghan intelligence services are of quality, a Western estimates.

The attack was committed near the headquarters of the ISAF – the Armed Forces of NATO – and the Italian Embassy. Minutes later, the Green Zone, surrounded by high concrete walls, was closed to the public, found the AFP.

The Taliban, through spokesman Zabiullah Mudjahid, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it had been committed by a 26 year old man, not a teenager.

The martyr was aimed at “a cell of CIA torture in Kabul”, which “killed six police,” said Mudjahid, ready as always to exaggerate the casualties inflicted on the enemy.

Conversely, witnessed the emergency hospital in Kabul said that the victims were mostly children or young people.

“The Taliban, who kill people every day, they are animals,” estimated Hamid, 23, who was visiting his brother Naweed, a gum and candy salesman aged 15 wounded in the explosion.

An ISAF spokesman said that no member of the international force was reached.

Despite the presence of 117,000 foreign troops to support the 340,000 Afghan soldiers and police, the Kabul government and its ISAF allies have failed to defeat the insurgency of the Taliban, ousted from power in late 2001.

The Taliban often attack by suicide bombers and homemade mines.

Civilians are paying the highest price in the Afghan conflict. According to the UN, 1,145 civilians were killed in the first half of 2012, 80% of them at the hands of the Taliban.

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