Evacuate 3000 by exploding volcano in Nicaragua

Posted on September 9, 2012


Published: 08/09/2012 15:09 By: AP

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) Nicaraguan authorities evacuated some 3,000 people from the volcano San Cristobal, the tallest giant Nicaragua, which recorded three powerful explosions on Saturday.

The executive director of the National System, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Guillermo Gonzalez, said the volcano located 140 kilometers northwest of the capital, began releasing gases and ash in a column of about 4,000 meters, and affected nine communities.

“This activity could affect some 500 families totaling 3,000 people, so we decided to evacuate personnel from the Civil Defence,” Gonzalez said in a press conference.

Civil Defense reported that 300 soldiers sent to meet the evacuation and care of those affected by the situation of the volcano of 1,745 meters.

“We have every ground emergency device. Emergency plan exists to rashes and we will evaluate the measures to take in as we have more information,” said Gonzalez.

The director of the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies, Javier Mejia, said that “we have to walk observatory volcano shows a strong activity, do not rule out anything, but call for calm.” He recalled that San Cristobal is active since 1520.

Government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo said through official media that 20,000 people could be affected in their homes and crops from falling ash and gases.

Murillo said the government declared two alerts in Chinandega and Leon municipalities in the Northeast and a hundred kilometers from Managua, for citizens to be prepared in case they have to evacuate emergency by the virulence of the activity of the volcano.

“There is a state of yellow alert and green alert for the departments of Chinandega and León (…) for the protection of the population,” said Murillo, through official means. He noted that some 1569 people have already been evacuated by civil defense brigades or alone on the perimeter of five miles from the volcano.

Nicaragua has been on the lookout for the last week after his band Pacific was shaken by the earthquake that occurred in Costa Rica on Wednesday.

Since then, no longer lower intensity earthquakes recorded in the country remains even in Managua decreed a green alert since Thursday, after the Lake Managua located on the banks of the capital was a swarm of 17 tremors in less than three hours.

Mejia said that seismic activity can sometimes cause activation of the volcanic chain, but did not dare to say that for the San Cristobal volcano, have to do with it.

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