Charged with desecration of a Koran Christian girl released on bail in Pakistan

Posted on September 8, 2012



NEW DELHI, September 8. / ITAR-TASS /. Charged with desecration of a Koran Christian girl today released from prison in Pakistan. 14-year Rimsha Masih was released after her lawyers this morning made for her bail of one million rupees / 10.5 thousand dollars /.

Local television channels showed footage of armed personnel of Pakistani security forces escorted the girl from the prison gates to the helicopter. Her face can not be seen because of tied in a head scarf.

Rimsha Masih, from birth with Down’s syndrome, was arrested on August 16 in a suburb of Islamabad. The reason for the arrest was the statement by the local imam Khalid Chishti that she burned a few pages from the Koran. In Pakistan, the law on blasphemy, under which such crimes can be punished up to the death penalty. To this law, human rights activists have protested many times in Pakistan and beyond, as well as Pakistani Christians, of which there are up to 180 thousand people, which is about 4 percent from just 190 million people of the Islamic Republic.

Imam himself later was detained on charges of perjury A few people have seen the priest slipped the girl a few pages from the Koran in a stack of paper, which was intended to make a fire.

The incident caused a great resonance in the world. In the Internet in support of girls signed up more than 1 million people. “We ask you to ensure the security and freedom Rimsha, retarded girl imprisoned in Islamabad – said in a communication addressed to the Pakistani authorities. – She is accused of blasphemy, which is punishable by death. Please use his power to save the child, and take immediate action for the protection of minorities in Pakistan. ”

In the Pakistani society consensus on case Rimsha Masih not. As local media reports, the population supports the girl, according to her innocence, and today’s release on bail is called “a triumph of justice.” However, some members of the Muslim-majority Pakistan, which is still a child accused of blasphemy, with indignation greeted the news of the release.

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