Mexico City : Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna report “secret agreements” with the CIA

Posted on August 31, 2012


SSP accused of having ‘secret agreements’ with the CIA
By Notimex
30/08/2012 – 05:46 PM
Mexico City. – PRD Senator Alejandro Encinas said that cited to appear before the Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna, to report “secret agreements” that the CIA has allegedly allow U.S. agents operating in Mexico.

In an interview reported that the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) propose that appear when the Senate Garcia Luna discuss the latest report of President Felipe Calderón.

Then you must also explain the attack suffered by U.S. diplomatic staff of the Federal Police, in the vicinity of Tres Marias.

The former head of city government argued that these Americans “have nothing to do with public safety tasks they are doing here in country,” referring to the versions assert that the attacked belong to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA for its acronym in English).

He said while condemning the attack, “which shows the breakdown of the police forces,” the presence of these foreign agents is illegal because neither the Constitution nor the agreements signed permit to operate as such in our country.

“I am part of the Bicameral Commission on National Security, and at no time have reported the operation of CIA operatives in country,” he said.

Therefore Encinas Rodriguez reiterated that once the gloss start, ask the appearance of Garcia Luna “for us to account for what happened at Three Mary, Morelos”, and “secret agreements that have been established” with the CIA.

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