A new Russian law cartoons U.S. censorship

Posted on August 31, 2012


30/08/2012 – 07:05 PM
Russia. – A new law protecting children in Russia which will take effect on Saturday will force a broadcaster to censor American cartoons, like the Simpsons, said Thursday a representative of this chain, 2×2 TV.

“With the new law, we can not spread over the cartoon The Itchy and Scratchy Show as part of the series The Simpsons,” said CEO Lev Makarov 2×2 chain, in a statement.

These cartoons show a mouse that a cat fight, mutilating with weapons, in a parody of Tom and Jerry.

The South Park, another American series that follows the adventures of four children of a primary school “will have to be spread past 23 hours” and “every episode where they kill Kenny (one character) will disappear,” according Markov.

This law aims to protect children said Russians “of information harmful to their health and development” and prohibits the broadcast in programs for children, violent scenes, images of sex and swearing or scenes inciting drug, alcohol and snuff.

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