Puerto Rico : Governor signs law exempts religious activities IVU

Posted on June 15, 2012


It also created a Volunteer Corps of Chaplains
June 14, 2012
9:46 a.m
For The New Day
Gov. Luis Fortuño signed his name on legislation exempting religious entities from sales and use tax (SUT), reported today.

Also signed an executive order creating a new Voluntary Corps of Chaplains of Puerto Rico.

“We are focused on removing barriers that continue to affect the income of these institutions and reduce their opportunities to fully comply with the social work performed” Fortuno said in a press release.

He explained that with the signing of the law, churches are exempt from paying the SUT in its retail and occasional services. As an example, he mentioned activities such as raising money for capital works and improvements to its facilities, and activities directly related to his ministry. It also may support charities and offering services to promote the development of social welfare programs, he said.

“We did not want this tax continue to affect the already limited resources of these institutions work helping the people of Puerto Rico with his work and community service,” he said, commenting that the churches, cafes and schools, among others, are not included in the law.

About the Voluntary Corps of Chaplains of Puerto Rico, the governor explained that the purpose is to provide citizens with spiritual counseling and guidance in emergency situations and crises. This group will be assigned to the State Agency for Emergency Management and Disaster Management (AEMEAD) and operate under the direction of a representative council.

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