Threat of a locust invasion

Posted on May 31, 2012


Lantoniaina Razafindramiadana
Thursday, May 31, 2012
The impasse in the locust situation is in critical condition. While invasions and larval development are gaining ground, pesticides are not available.
According to information from a source to FAO (Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations) Madagascar, the available quantity of drugs will be exhausted in the coming days. Already, for the current campaign, the funds can not cover the need for pesticides compared to infested areas. “In a few days, we will not have pesticides. The government and the FAO does not have the necessary means to procure for this ongoing campaign, “says a source close to the subject. This circumstance is already a complex character to the next campaign, which will begin shortly. “Now, we can not control the situation. This means that surfaces will not be processed. During the offseason, the swarms will develop. The locust is a real threat to the country, “she says.
Emergency meeting
According to information from the Ministry of Agriculture, during the month of May, 61,085 hectares of infested areas remain to be addressed, particularly in the invasion area, the plain of the Morondava Basin Matsiatra. In the Befandriana south, the population is made up of spots and bands of any stage dominated by larvae subgrégaires and fledglings.
Flights are clear and Ambatovamba Malaimbandy observed, followed by bands between Ambatovamba, Mandabe, Marerano and Bera. Swarms have also started to fly around Manja, in late April. These localities are, among others, Ankiliabo-Analanjaha, Beharona-Adabotoka, Soaserana Soalengo-and-Anontsibe Beravy. Currently, they are passed on Manja, towards the east, where they begin to leave their small
larvae. Infestations
40,000 hectares remain to be addressed in these regions in May.
Other affected areas are Sakaraha, where developments are observed in larval and Ankazoabo Beroroha, then Ejeda, Ambovombe, Ihosy, and Ampanihy Antsohihy. Compared to these actual circumstances, an emergency meeting is scheduled between the partners, this weekend. This is to establish two different strategies including a focus on the medium term and another concern the overall organization of the locust.

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