Gaza Tunnel Active in Goods Transport

Posted on May 31, 2012


30/05/2012 10:41
The New York Times printed an article today describing the activity taking place in underground tunnels between Egypt and Gaza. While the crossing is ostensibly open, many who are refused entry choose to enter Gaza by more circuitous means.

The tunnels are still vitally important for Gaza commerce, and the author, Ruqaya Izzidien, describes how “Gaza still depends on the tunnels for most of the basics, like food, building materials and clothes, as well as luxuries like electronics, cars and even wedding dresses.”

The article also describes the process to be admitted into Gaza, even by tunnel. People must make contact with the tunnel owners ahead of time to schedule a crossing from Egypt, and they must have permits to enter Gaza from Hamas, the ruling party.

The owner of the tunnel explained, “If anyone wants to cross from Egypt, via my tunnel, he has to call me up about a week in advance, and he needs to apply for a permit with Hamas. From the Gazan government’s point of view, whether you cross by border or by tunnel, you need permission.”

Many believe that the Rafah crossing should be used for trade and commerce in addition to travel, increasing economic freedom in Gaza.

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