Mayor Richard M. Daley – Speaking of Camp Ashraf and Liberty is Speaking about Humanity

Posted on February 29, 2012


Washington, 26 Feb 2012 –
Former US Officials Urge Formation of Commission of Inquiry About Conditions at Camp Liberty, Iraq, Where Hundreds of Iranian Dissidents Have Relocated.

Mayor Richard M. Daley: Thank you. I’m very proud to be here with such a distinguished panel. Men and women who have devoted their great commitment to public servants and they’re all public servants and a commitment to legal profession as well with Alan.
To be standing before you reminds me of the great history of America and the great history of America’s immigration from around the world and what it is today. And Chicago has always been the history of immigrants and how they assembled to this great country and made something, what it is today. And, of course, Persia was really influenced; they influenced what America is today. Your civilization have gone so far afield in so many areas that we, as a country, learn from you.
Today, as we speak with Ashraf and talked about Camp Liberty, we’re really talking about members of your family and our family. I say that because it is important because they’re human beings, mothers and fathers, senior citizens, grandparents, children that are both in these camps and wondering who is going to speak out on behalf of them.
Not only the Iranian community, but others leaders, not only nationally, but I come from a different perspective. From all of you around the country, go back
to your communities and talk about that video and talk about what is happening in Ashraf and Liberty. Talk to the people, talk to your mayor, city council members, county officials, governors.
Talk to them so we can get, Washington is hired to move but people can move
Washington. And that’s what the message is today. (Applause.)
We in America are not as educated about world history and you should be because in order to understand American history you have to understand world history. Unfortunately, as Alan pointed out, we’re repeating the mistakes of the past and that’s why it is important as you come together that you tell the story continually in your communities from every ethnic and racial group because if you don’t the story will only be isolated only to the Iranian community.
It is a story to be told not only in the United States but throughout the world and that’s why it’s important as we move forward to U.S.
Mayor’s Conference coming in June is pass a resolution there on behalf of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty and educate more Americans about the injustice that is taking place right here in the world. To me, and that’s why I’m here today, on
behalf of a city that understands the world, understands what immigrants are all about, most importantly appreciate the Persian culture, appreciate their civilization. And the Iranian community, what they have done for America, that we can do, again speaking out on behalf of lost souls, at Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty.
Thank you very much.

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