French fighters in Homs Syria

Posted on February 29, 2012


Wednesday 29/02/2012
French fighters in Homs, and Jobieh of Faisal: It restores us to our soldiers? Sources reveal important surprises her Syrian TV soon

Head of the Political Department and International Relations at the World Organization of Arab expatriates, Dr. Mohammed Dirar Jammu that the Syrian army in the implementation of important military operation in the northern region, leading to the border area with Turkey, within the next ten days.
In an exclusive interview to the website of Al-Manar, Jammu said that the current lull in the border area the Syrian – Turkish is the calm before the storm. He pointed out that the Syrians realized that the desired occupancy of the Syrian army on other fronts, to be swooping it from the north side.
Carter said the Syrian army declared a state of preparedness in the various border areas. He accused the Syrian political both of the Future Movement and Lebanese Forces fabricating intimidating projects in the border areas, revealing that the elements of the militias of the former client Antoine Lahad, belong predominantly to Rulta Ghassan Touma groups involved in providing logistical support and training to insurgents.

French fighters in Homs
Jammu and stressed the role of Lebanese asking, “with the help of? And how it entered the French in Syria?”
He also revealed that unlike took place between French Foreign Minister Alain Jobieh and Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal led to the withdrawal of the last Conference of the Friends of Syria. He explained that the dispute arose on the background of insistence that the out-Faisal conference statement officially recognized as “the Syrian transitional” actor “legitimate” to the Syrians.
Jobieh’s reply was: We can not recognize, and our soldiers are still in Syria .. If we confess Sieidhm of us?
In turn, private sources for Al-Manar that the security operations of the discount in Baba Amr led to the arrest of large groups of militants, including fighters, Lebanese and French! وتابعت أن هناك مفاجآت مهمة سيكشف عنها التلفزيون الرسمي السوري عما قريب. She said there are surprises task will unveil the official Syrian television soon.

The return of the French ambassador and negotiations with the Syrians
For its part, said network, “Voltaire, the French” to the above, detection French journalist Terry Mason on the first channel of Russian television that there are 12 French military possession of the Syrian security services.
French network and confirmed that the number of French soldiers who were arrested by security services was 18. She said that France has opened channels with the Syrians for Tfad through Russia and the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman, pointing to what it called a rapid return to the French ambassador to Damascus in February 23rd of this month, and to the appointment of former Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s envoy, a joint United Nations and the Arab League to resolve the crisis in Syria.
He said the network: “If you confess Paris that they are charged with an official mission will be treated as prisoners of war and subject to the protection of the Geneva Convention to prisoners of war. In the event of denied Paris to send them will be considered to be civilians, foreigners present illegally in the occupied Syrian, and then be tried for this crime that may carry in Syria to end the death penalty. ”

Al Manar – Isra ax
Wednesday 29/02/2012

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