200 elephants massacred in order to extract teeth

Posted on February 17, 2012


For Agencies
16/02/2012 – 8:02 a.m.

Cameroon. – Poachers from neighboring African countries attacked the National Park N’djida Bouba. Stolen ivory and leave the corpses

As reported by the local newspaper Cameroon Tribune, the slaughter began in early January, when soldiers from Sudan and occupied the ecological reserve Chan, a popular tourist destination in the region.

According to the press, those responsible are part of a network of poachers who kill animals and then smuggle the ivory, as demand in recent years rose to stratospheric levels, particularly by buyers from Asia, not only for use in the construction of luxury items, but because there is believed to have medicinal white matter.

Despite the many reports in the press that this alert, authorities have not commented on the massacre, which has generated criticism from international NGOs.

The population of elephants in the park N’djida Bouba is estimated at 400, and locals fear that if the slaughter continues at this rate, within a few days might be killed all the elephants in the reserve.

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