Yemen President clears airs with his own tribe before flying to US for treatment

Posted on January 31, 2012


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Written By: Nasser Arrabyee
Article Date: Jan 29, 2012 – 8:10:14 PM
The tribe in Yemen realistically is still above the law and State.

Knowing this very well, President Ali Abdullah Saleh did not forget to fix up every problem he had with his own tribe, Sanhan tribe, before he left to US for more treatments last week.

All tribal leaders from Sanhan tribe, both loyal and opposed to Saleh, held a meeting on January 22, 2012, that’s hours before Saleh left the country for Oman on his way to US.

The purpose of the meeting was to clear the airs and make a comprehensive reconciliation between Saleh and his opponents in the same tribe, especially the with the defected general Ali Muhsen , Saleh’s cousin and who was one of the most important pillars in Saleh’s rule over the last 33 years.

Although general Ali Muhsen did not attend the meeting, but he was included in that historic tribal reconciliation through the tribal leaders loyal to him like general Saleh Al Dhani, and the tribal leader Abdul Elah Al Qadi.

While President Saleh was attending the meeting as one of the tribal leaders of Sanhan tribe, the meeting was chaired by the general Ahmed Ismail Abu Huriah, one of the most respected tribal leaders in Sanhan. The Vice Presodent Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, attended the meeting as a national sponsor.

The tribal leader, Abdul Qader Helal, was attending the meeting as one of the tribal leaders of Sanhan.

Helal and Abu Huriah are seen as neutral leaders who were and still have connections with Saleh and Muhsen during the year crisis.

” With the help of Allah Almighty, all brothers from Sanhan tribe including the opponents met and pardoned each other completely and let bygones be bygones,” said a document signed by the tribal leaders at the end of the meeting.

Later in the day, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh said he would travel to United States for more treatments and get back to Sanaa for attending the protocols ceremony of installation of the new President of Yemen after the day of elections on February 21, 2012.

Hours before his trip to United States Saleh said to Media” I would go to United States for treatments and get back to Sanaa as a head of the People’s General Congress and to install Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi ad President after February 21.”

“The national anthem will be played and all senior officials in the Palace will be attending, then Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi will take the Presidency, and Ali Abdullah Saleh will take his bag and say to all good bye, and will then go to his house, and this is the protocol that is done everywhere in the world,” President Saleh said.

President Saleh also promoted his vice president Hadi to the rank of Marshal, the highest rank in the Yemeni armed forces, as a sign of respect and appreciation of the national role Hadi has been doing and will be doing as the new President of Yemen.

” From here I would declare the promotion of my deputy Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi to the rank of Marshal, in respect and appreciation of his national efforts and positions,” President Saleh said.

Then President Saleh called all Yemenis to cooperate with Mr Hadi and with the opposition-chaired national unity government.

President Saleh then called all Yemenis for national reconciliation after the elections of February 21, 2012 by holding a national conference in which Al Qaeda will be excluded.

” Except for Al Qaeda and terrorism, this is something else,” he said.

On Saturday January 21, 2012, the members of the Parliament of both the opposition and ruling party unanimously voted for an immunity law that will stop any future prosecutions or taking revenge between President Saleh and his now opponents but who were his partners one day during his 33-year rule.

” The immunity law includes Ali Abdullah Saleh and those who worked with him during the 33 years from civil, military and security agencies, ” President Saleh.

President Saleh asked the Yemeni people to pardon him for any shortcomings he did and apologized for every one men and women.

” I would ask my people men and women to pardon me for any shortcomings during my 33 years in rule, and I apologize for all citizens men and women, and we should now take care of our martyrs and injured,” he said.

President Saleh did not say when he is leaving for United States.

But on Saturday, sources from the Presidential Office told Nasser Arrabyee website that President Saleh will head for Oman and Ethiopia in official visits before he flies to New York, United States within the coming 48 hours.

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