2012 – year hinges forming a new world order

Posted on December 31, 2011


Saturday, 31.12.2011 | 08:10 (GMT + 7)
Many political analysts believe that 2012 will be a banner year for the formation of a new world order, the changes will make the world in 2012 would change the appearance.

Since the Cold War ended, the biggest question remains the geopolitical questions about the new world order will be established how.

A new world order is the cumulative result of many years of relationships at the strategic level of the major centers of power, especially political relations, economic and military superpowers, military pacts, and politics.

 Many scholars theorize that world order for 50 to 100 next year will be the relationship of the four pillars, which are the U.S. (and its strategic ally of the U.S.), China, Russia (including the the post-Soviet space that Russia retain influence) and the group of emerging countries (including more than 20 economies will emerge in 20-50 years, including Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia and Vietnam Nam).

 In 2012, as a coincidence of history, both in Russia, China and the United States will take place the transfer of power, to witness the great changes which will affect the political ambitions and the location of these countries on the international market. The power rise of China, the restoration of Russia to make the U.S. continued to bother.  But equally important, each country faces huge problems in economics, especially after the debt crisis in the U.S. and other big changes in economic and financial world.

Particularly in emerging countries group, as predicted by Goldman Sachs Bank, within 30-40 years, emerging countries will be a major economic force, contributing over 50% of world GDP and will greater than the total GDP of the U.S. (according to the results in 2011, all four BRIC countries – including Brazil, Russia, India and China – have made the top 10 largest economies in the world). While the world economy is divided into three poles, with many uncertain factors by 3 runs in the third vehicle in different directions, while U.S. and European countries are in crisis, the economy emerges development up to a stable and increasingly important position in the development of the world and other areas.

 There are many different types of assessment on the list of emerging countries.  Also the assessment of Goldman Sachs, the BRIC countries will be out 4 the next 11 countries, including Vietnam. . The other reviews are to include Vietnam in the list of six emerging countries.Many reviews said that the list of emerging economies with 28 countries (including Vietnam).  The biggest problem of the emerging countries is the development will lead to overheating of its implications, as well as their dependencies on other major economies, but each country will have its own policy to deal with this problem.

. Although the list of criteria for ranking emerging countries may be different, but no one can deny the role large and growing in the future of this country. That means, the vehicle “code three” of the world economy has become “code words”. Department of political and economic world will have a counterweight, this is an important factor creating a backbone for the new world order, more multilateral, more diverse and more democratic.

 Exactly 50 years ago, in October 1962, at the most stressful time of the Cold War, the world stood on the brink of nuclear war, the two heads of the United States and Russia have almost put his hand on the button Nuclear! In 2012, the human race believes that the new political outcome, the world would not hold my breath waiting for a verdict of extremists, the two superpowers.

 Although the election results in three superpower how humanity is still believed that the trend of peace, peaceful still prevailed, the scams, “proclaimed heroes, deserving promotion” will go bankrupt as has happened in history history. . The new world order in favor of multilateral, multipolar, democratic and harmonious.  With peace and love traditional viewpoint independence, entered Vietnam in 2012 with a new position in the international arena, worthy of the position of a country is rising.

Sy Hung

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