For every runaway bride, a virgin free?

Posted on August 31, 2011


PTI | Aug 31, 2011, 06.41AM IST
BEIJING: Marriage bureaus in China are promising a Vietnamese virgin woman free to Chinese men if the wives they bought from the neighbouring country go missing.

Matchmaking agencies’ posted new advertisements on telegraph poles stating that people can marry women from Vietnam in three months if they pay $ 32,000,the Shanghai Daily reported.
“We ensure you that the woman is a virgin, and if sheruns away we will give you another one for free in a year,” the advertisement said amid reports that a number Vietnamese woman married to Chinese men went missing.
As a result, Chinese men married to Vietnamese women are experiencing big losses , losing both wife and money , the daily reported.

Shanghai entry-exit authorities said yesterday thatseveral cases have been reported this year in which Shanghai husbands, who paid for finding a wife from Southeast Asia, lost their wives soon after getting married, as the women fled and were never to be seen again.

On August 20 the daily reported that dozens of Vietnamese women who were “bought” by Chinese men for marriage went missing from a Chinese village raising suspicion that they might have been sold again.
Very few villagers reported the missing to police for fear of their purchases of brides would be exposed, the reportsaid. More and more Chinese men have resorted to marrying Vietnamese women due to a sex ratio imbalance in the country.

According to last year’s census figures, the sex ratio had increased with 118 males for every 100 females.

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