‘Spiderman’ new mixture Hispanic – Black

Posted on August 5, 2011


Salah Ahmed from London
GMT 15:26:00 2011 Thursday, August 4

House decided to «Marvel» behind the adventures of super heroes bend to the winds of change blowing across the world.  And opened the door, inspired by the achievement of President Obama, before the shipments to the black flags tournament superstar.

1962, issued the first episode of Adventures «Spiderman» (Spider-Man). Since that time the white light of the New Yorker, hones imagination of adolescents with other superheroes such as «Superman».  It is noteworthy in this regard that a copy of the first issue of the adventures of Spiderman sold an auction last March of $ 1.1 million.

 But in a move no less than being a real revolution in the world of comic adventures will become the new champion was a teenager a mixture of black and Hispanic races named Miles Morales and lives with his parents in Brooklyn, New York.

 It is noteworthy that Spiderman was a former White as Peter Parker, orphaned as a child and grew up in Queens, New Yorker, too.  There was this superhero in the ring to the House decided that the «Marvel» publisher that the new era that brought black president of the United States requires a new kind of heroes. For this term Spiderman the same old good last June at the hands of arch-enemy «Green Elf».

The newspapers quoted Albetanih for Axel Alonso, Marvel editor in chief House: «Caucasian race has been dominated the world of super heroes since Superman (Superman) to Batman (Batman).  So when bringing new Spiderman mask from his face, we see a revolution dictated by demographics and new realities in this world.

 Alonso says the idea of saying that the new Spiderman came «with the entry of Barack Obama’s Oval Office for the first time.. But Marvel was waiting for the right moment to provide this personal Alkhlasah.  The Tataat this with the death of Peter Parker, the logical sequence according to the scenario in the last adventures ».

 It is noteworthy that the new Spiderman (Miles Morales) starts the first of his adventures against the fierce character called «Kengaaro». When the justice of it truncates the climb to the roof of an apartment building in New York and removes the mask from the face drenched with sweat, but black for the first time in the history of heroes of comic adventures.

 Alonso says: «This is the twenty-century atheist and people can retreat to the past as something sacred, not prejudicial.. Personally, I am English born mother and father and Maxski all Americans.  I have no doubt that readers Siatadon Miles on Morales as quickly accustomed to Peter Parker and will love it, at least the same extent, because it’s not about race, but achievement ».

 For its part, said Sarah Baceli, Created by the artist’s new hero: «Perhaps the new breed of superheroes Oelsafr of blacks or women or gay ..  It is important that more people believe that this is something normal and not draw the special attention.  This is the new age ».

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