Treasures under the hands of the drug mafia

Posted on July 30, 2011


Knowledgeable sources told “Dawn”, that more than 300 hectares of municipal land “Talkhmt” Bbatna, were taken over by crooked ways of becoming known as “drug mafia” who Ahtervoa the acquisition of territory unlawfully, as confirmed by a number of the population who recently filed a complaint addressed to the President and the Attorney General to the district council Batna, in addition to the mandate And student complainants to immediately intervene to stop this bleeding, which came on the large areas of the municipality, accusing one of the elected municipality in collusion with other people in the exploitation of enclaves real estate municipality, without having the documents to prove ownership, they added that some of them the building at night to avoid the eyes of the oversight and legal accountability. He described dozens of landowners this theft, which confirmed that they possess documents proving their ownership of vessels real estate acquired by the powerful, has objected to more than one occasion to the municipal building on their land, forcing the latter to resort to justice, where the Court rejected one of the claims of the municipality’s decision not to an emergency jurisdiction, citizens inquired about the secret of the municipality do not resort to the administrative court, if they have documentation authorizing them to exploit pockets of real estate.  In a related context, citizens demanded a “Talkhmt” to send to the national commission of inquiry to investigate the facts in issue and stand on the “manipulations and abuses explicit the law,” which led to the loss of the rights of many people, demanding the addition halt constructions chaotic spread widely in the municipality during the last term. . The city of ancient standing, and with all its treasures recently discovered Municipality Talkhmt, and prevent the peasants on the basis of that of the exploitation of some pockets of real estate, which complied with his peasants by virtue of the law empowers the Ministry of Culture of the disposition of the historic landmarks, but they were surprised exploited by other people .
According to sources from the Directorate of Culture Bbatna, the investigation will begin in the short term to determine the fact of the matter, having made a complaint of the population in which he noted some of the parties to try to profit by seizing the nation’s history and obscure landmarks.
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