Support for Al Qaeda to the revolution of the ill-Syrian street

Posted on July 30, 2011


29/07/2011 Arab Zoaq / agencies
Rejection of Syrian opposition Haytham Manna, a spokesman for the Arab Organization for Human Rights, to support the organization of al-Qaeda movement’s protest, the Syrian said in a telephone interview with the”news”that any position supportive of this terrorist organization is the misuse of the street Syria, because it is no good, please or expected from the base.
This position is in line with what is said in the Syrian street, it does not impact the base in a wave of protests four months ago, Syria, even though previously Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem that said,”The murder of police officers and soldiers of the army indicates that al Qaeda might be responsible for some of the violence”.
To indicate the new leader of al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, in a video broadcast over the Internet, protesting the Syrians to expand their protests to affect the United States and Israel, because the American administration”is faithful to show solidarity with them,”and described President Assad as”a partner of America in war the name of terrorism to Islam and guard the borders of Israel”.
And the international position of the latest developments in Syria, was quoted by Reuters ‘agency’, for the news to European diplomats, the EU governments agreed in principle yesterday to expand sanctions against the Syrian regime, which explains why the European desire to increase the pressure on the government of Bashar Assad to stop the machine for the repressive security organs against the protesters, who paralyzed the movement in Syria for nearly five months. According to the source, under an agreement yesterday to freeze the assets will be five other officials and prevented from traveling.
Field demonstrations continued in various Syrian cities and towns, these demonstrations have taken an extra breath of protesters in solidarity with the inhabitants of the town Knakrh in the province of Damascus, which killed Mentvdaha, according to several sources, at least thirteen people, including three children.

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