Leadership in the organization of “Al Qaeda” calls to kill the Saudi king and royal family members

Posted on July 30, 2011


Jerusalem: July 30, 2011
Dubai – AFP – The leader in organizing the “Qaeda of Jihad” in the Arabian Peninsula to kill Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and members of the royal family, in an audiotape posted on the Internet on Friday announced a site website specialized in the monitoring of jihadi sites.
Qasim al-Rimi, title “Abu Huraira San’aani” in a speech titled “display and without a certificate” that “Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, crown prince and his interior minister and his son Mohammed, and we are apostates should be killed.”
He said in the tape and the duration of about seven minutes, “the rulers of Al-Saud promise you and you to promise the people that Mgaratna of the Jews and the Christians will not concern us, you, as that Hokm and Vsagkm and Khalakm not Ischglkm us, and we promise you I will not be satisfied by taking the fight to us without due torso between your midst.”
He continued, “O Al-Saud rulers ask God Almighty to your back-breaking and dispel Hofm and that makes you tear your king and effect after the eye and that is you Almattabron.” He said Abu Hraria in the tape to the Saudi authorities had arrested on 5 February a group of women who were demonstrating outside the Ministry of the Interior to demand the release of their sons and husbands. He said he was “assault on the prison Afeefatna pure descendants of the free tribes in Najd and the Hijaz in the north and south of the country are demanding walk again derail their sons and husbands from prison (…) (…) Khaddauhen Vekavon sentenced to board buses to the criminal Iqapelln Mohammed bin Nayef ( Deputy Minister of Interior) to release and then Asirahen Aqtadohen to languish in prison for a dozen days. ”
He added: “For what sin imprisons Silks, whether in the quiver horns Al Saud of the slaves of the dinar and the dirham and the advocates of the Interior to allow this?” He said, adding, “I Naahdkin PANA will win the Aftkn and Thartkn and that any hand stretched Alakn must be made to wear a our offer and cleansed and ‘You the doors of the certificate” .
Witnesses reported that on the fifth of February, dozens of people, mostly women, in front of the Interior Ministry in Riyadh to protest against the arrest of their relatives, in a move unprecedented in the kingdom.
The demonstrators demanded to allow them access to an official at the Interior Ministry to demand the release of their relatives detained since 2003 and 2004 at the height of a crackdown by Saudi authorities on the elements of “Al Qaeda” after a wave of bloody attacks waged against this organization Mncoy oil and foreign interests in the Kingdom.

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