Jordan: Amman, thousands of demonstrators demanding the “reform” and the fight against corruption

Posted on July 30, 2011


Amman – AFP: More than three thousand people yesterday in a demonstration organized by the Islamic Movement in Amman, demanding “reform the system” and the fight against corruption, condemning the attack on journalists, on an AFP correspondent reported. The participants in the march, which began after Friday prayers outside the mosque of al-Husseini (Central Oman) Jordanian note of the large and banners reading “the people want Alvesadin trial” and “we hear about corruption without corrupt and bars without the prisoners.” They chanted “the people want reform of the system” and “reform and change the public’s demand” and “no substitute for reform and adjustment”, and “people Ptserg millions and all the people in hardly.”
He said Hamza Mansour, secretary general of the Islamic Action Front Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, in a speech that “this march to demand comprehensive reform and real reform, which confirms that people wants to reform the system.”
“We are involved in Hrakna popular because the mass of any of our demands has not been achieved.”
Mansour called the “elected government” and “economic Aslahlat address the problem of poverty and address the problem of unemployment and address the problem of high prices and money Taaad Jordanians.”
And several cities in Jordan Friday demonstrations demanding reform and fighting corruption.
The witness Jordan since January, continuing protests demanding political and economic reforms and combating corruption involving the Islamic movement and leftist opposition parties as well as trade unions and student movements and youth.
On the other hand, participants in the demonstration in central Amman their solidarity with the media and their rejection of what they described as “security grip” and chanted “greeting and respect to the media.”
And carry these banners reading “No to aggression on the media” and “We reject the restriction of freedom of expression” and “freedom of the citizens and the press” and “assault on the media blur the facts and the absence of witnesses.”
And wounded at least 17 ​​people, including nine journalists and seven security men on July 15 during the resolution of the gendarmerie Jordanian clash between protestors demanding reform and others loyal to the government.
On 15 June, attacked the Office of the AFP in Amman about a dozen unidentified and smashed furniture.
It denounced the government and MPs, journalists and activists of these attacks, while the authorities pledged to protect journalists.
Date of publication of the article July 30, 2011

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