Up to the country of weapons of Libyan dissidents in the western mountain

Posted on May 31, 2011


Tuesday, 28 Jumada II 1432 AH May 31, 2011
Reuters / :Al-Ahram
Opponents said gunmen in the western mountain area Jamahiriya they smuggled arms and ammunition from the opposition stronghold in Benghazi through Tunisia and seems to be at least some of the weapons came from Qatar.
Rebels Libya
The opponents, who are fighting on the Western Front of the war three months ago saying that the only way to get the ammunition was seized from the soldiers leader Muammar Gaddafi after their capture or kill them.
Some opponents are suffering from a lack of armament and the heavy equipment is limited. But there are signs of the arrival of new weapons and ammunition to the mountainous area via the supply only controlled a crossing Against Alzhibp – balanced with Tunisia.
In the town of Alzentan controlled opponents, which lies 150 kilometers southwest of the capital Tripoli, Reuters correspondents saw a completely new gun rounds and 42 mortar rounds still wrapped. Written on the box containing this gear Qatar word in English.
. The equipment included as well as new uniforms and radios and boxes, binoculars from Steiner, a German-made type, which cost them about a thousand dollars, although it seemed that some of the equipment belonging to the Libyan army.
At another site, witnesses saw Milan missiles is a new guided missile anti-tank missiles.
“. He said one of the leaders of opposition fighters in the western mountain region they are suffering from a lack of ammunition but they expect the arrival of more supplies “from abroad”.
“It comes from Benghazi,” adding “of Benghazi through Tunisia. They say milk and food. Easy to smuggle. This is the only way.” . He explained that some of the equipment produced in France but did not provide evidence of that.
The supplies, including ammunition and rocket-propelled grenades and other heavy weapons.
Qatar is an Arab country more enthusiastic in support of Libyan dissidents and the efforts of NATO to prevent forces from attacking civilians Gaddafi.
And sold in the OPEC member Qatar million barrels of crude oil on behalf of Libyan dissidents in April and said it had sent four tankers of gasoline, diesel fuel and other fuels to Benghazi.
Could not be immediately available in Qatar for comment on whether they sent supplies of weapons to the opponents.
A diplomatic source based in Doha, the Qatari authorities are going military transport aircraft from C-17s loaded with weapons to Benghazi, “almost every day.”
The source added, “imagine it filled with Ocherthm including the (mortar). We believe they sent some trainers as well.”
Joined Tunisia, which led the popular uprisings that swept the Arab world to international sanctions on Gaddafi’s government and sympathizes with many of the Tunisian dissident.
The army has boosted its presence on the Tunisian border with Libya after the spread of fighting between forces loyal to the opposition to Gaddafi and Tunisian territory.
And Tunisian security officials examine some cars that enter Libya through the crossing Alzhibp – balanced, but not all.
” A source from the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Reuters in response to a question whether the weapon is up to Libya through Tunisia, “We deny this information completely.”
” The source added that Tunisia’s role in the conflict in Libya, “limited to providing emergency aid and reception of refugees and the injured.”

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