Protestant Church of Algeria – Final closure of the buildings devoted to the practice of Christianity Bejaia

Posted on May 31, 2011


05/31/2011 Bejaia: g. To Khaddari
Algerian independent daily
Not granted to Bejaia, Mr. Ahmed Touhami Hamo, the conduct of the supervisors of the buildings devoted to the practice of Christianity in the state, any legal time limit for the settlement of its status as a closed final decision, which even includes buildings located in the process of specialization in the area.
The first article of the resolution which bears the number 566/11, signed in May 8, the ongoing – and that”the news”obtained a copy of it – is a”close and in a final and dust across the state, each building a custom or in the process of privatization in order to practice non-Muslim religious and non-holders of the decision of the Compliance Officer of the Assembly and the view of the prior of the National Committee of the religious rites, and this in the light of the provisions of Ordinance No. 03-06 fixing the conditions and rules of the exercise of religious activities of non-Muslims”, which raises the question about the future of these entities, which prevents their existence based on to resolution, in particular that the closure of active or final, on the one hand, but even pre-empt existing mortgage, including preparing for the exercise of religious rites of Christianity, on the other hand. Accordingly, based on and to Bejaia, in its resolution to the illegal status of the Assembly of the Protestant Church of Algeria that you know, according to the text of the resolution, internal conflicts, and”did not match its statute with the provisions of Law No. 31-90 of December 4, 1990 on associations, and therefore the governor ordered the interests of security and the police and the Directorate of Religious Affairs of the state and heads of departments and municipalities to the application and implementation of the resolution that has raised the ire of the representatives of the Protestant Church who had denounced him.

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