PLO warns of the «attack» Israeli Jerusalem

Posted on May 31, 2011


The occupied territories «statement» and agencies
Date: May 31, 2011
Accused the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Yasser Abed Rabbo Israel yesterday launched an attack he described as «insane» aimed at the city of Jerusalem and the Palestinian presence there.

Abed Rabbo condemned the Israeli government approval of project plan for the development of the eastern part of the city of Jerusalem, saying that it comes within the framework of «Judaization» the city and thwart efforts to resume peace talks. . He told Radio «Voice of Palestine» official, said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu «Older to approve such a plan Judaization of Jerusalem, in the belief that he has achieved a political victory after his recent visit in Washington, through the support given him by the U.S. Congress». He added that «in the definition of victory, Netanyahu is the continuation of settlements and Judaizing Jerusalem and continued to disable the entire political process and to be able to change the parameters of the ground and forces the reality of the occupation and settlement on all the earth».

. Abed Rabbo stressed that this settlement policy «can not lead to peace talks about the alleged (Netanyahu) and can lead to the stability of the occupation and enable it to achieve its objectives on the Palestinian territory».

Israel’s cabinet approved on Monday during a special session in David’s Citadel adjacent to the Jaffa Gate of the old town in the eastern part of the city of Jerusalem a special plan to enhance the status of the holy city as «a tourist city and a center for scientific research and development and industry» at a cost of 296 million shekels during the period between 2011 and 2016.
. According to Israeli public radio, that the adoption of this plan comes on the occasion of the approaching anniversary of the forty-fourth for «the unification of Jerusalem» by Israel’s occupation of the eastern part of the city.

The radio, that the plan will include the employment of huge amounts in the fields of tourism and industrial research.

Abed Rabbo criticized strongly the support of Arab countries in the face of Israeli actions aimed at the city of Jerusalem. . He said «is a shame that the Palestinian Authority until now facing a real financial crisis and Jerusalem can not find the support they can provide them with the minimum of the need to confront this racist attack Israeli colonial».

. He said «we hope that the meeting of the Arab follow-up the last in Qatar is not limited to political affairs only, but that is committed to the Arab countries support required, some of them committed, but others are no longer committed to and, unfortunately, even after the reconciliation agreement in Cairo, and the escalation of the attack insane Israel against Jerusalem did not change the situation when some of our Arab brothers, unfortunately, ».

Preparations and the proposal

Meanwhile, the military official confirmed that the Israeli army is preparing for a possible outbreak of violent protests along the borders of Israel in the coming days in order to avoid repetition of the clashes that erupted earlier this month.
The official said in a press statement said the army also plans to cope with possible unrest in the West Bank in September after the UN vote is expected on the recognition of the independence of Palestine, adding that the army would be much better prepared this time and will be deployed larger numbers of troops.

For his part, said Israeli Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino said that «Israel is preparing for a possible outbreak of violent unrest and threaten large-scale security and sovereignty of Israel in the event was the recognition of a Palestinian state».
On the other hand, made a member of the Israeli Knesset from the Likud, Tzipi Hotobli yesterday the proposal of a bill of Judaizing the names of the Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem, and to prevent the use of Arabic names in official documents or the official media.
The Hotobli prepared the bill and was joined by several members of the Likud on the right.
According to the proposal, the law will include the endemic districts in which Jews and the Israeli municipality is required to change the names and signs and prevent the use of Arabic names.
. According to the newspaper «Yedioth Ahronoth» Israeli, according to the law Hootoopele, the name of Abu Dis will turn to «bruises Zion» phase will be inspired by Tel Ananias and Ras al-Amud to Ma’ale Zeitim.

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