Former Algerian military are afraid of “SOMALISATION” Libya

Posted on May 31, 2011


In a symposium organized by the Center for Strategic Research and Security
05/31/2011 Algeria: Abd al-Qadir Harihan
Algerian daily independent
Aggression against Libya is not for the oil .. Thus says the former Algerian military attache in Washington, Colonel Haji Baudokp, in a brief word in a special symposium held in Libya on Strategic Research Center and security in Algeria. And was behind the move of the Allies motives deeper than what is declared,”colonial”motives. And ascended to the role of the State of Qatar, which has signed a deal with the Allies against the channel to open space for”island”to move the situation in Syria.
The former colonel in the Air Noureddine Amrani, returned to the starting point when the events of Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia, which was launched revolutions of”Arab”, then up to Egypt to Libya and where the events took place until the deadlock.
. French helicopters and enter into the equation and Albertanip only prepare what may come, and finds that”urban forces began Gaddafi may adapt to the new situation in the ease of movement .. “But helicopters are vulnerable to other hits from the earth”.
For his part, highlighted the former colonel bin Omar bin committees highlighted the risks that threaten North Africa. He said”The SOMALISATION Libya list”, the war has opened the door wide to the armed Islamic groups,”but Ncttha”according to the spokesman.. To give a statement as evidence of the Ministers of Interior and the French financial who admitted over a large amount of weapons to the area of ​​the coast.
Algeria, which have limits at a distance of 980 km with its neighbors, by the introduction of the Touareg Bahtiatadtha educate those who know well the region has been contributing in the fight against the group active in the region.
For his part, revealed sincere Bouktaip, a member of the Central Committee of the Liberation Front Party, who visited Libya recently, suspicious role played by the Transitional Council, Libyan, uncovered that the judge Mustafa Abdul Jalil presided over the meeting which decided to release the Bulgarian and then was promoted to Minister of Justice and then to President of the Transitional Council. Turning Bouktaip to the deal signed with France, which is centered in the recognition of Israel and the base of the mountain green and oil, in exchange for recognition Transitional Council.

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