Arrest three Libyans on their way to the al Qaeda stronghold

Posted on May 31, 2011


05/31/2011 Muhammad ibn Ahmad
Daily independent Algeria
Arrested two Algerian security interests, charges of facilitating access to the Libyan al-Qaida strongholds in the north of Mali. And arrested during a security operation three persons of the nationality of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, tried to infiltrate into the north of Niger and then access to the north of Mali.
According to security sources for”news”that the Algerian security services check with the five accused three Algerians and a Libyan, and Parish of Mali, in the case of what is known at the level of security interests in charge of the follow-up terrorist activity in the coast network called”Mihrav. which seized security interests in his possession a few days ago and the documents and letters belonging to Libyan nationals, want access to the strongholds of al-Qaeda in the Maghreb coast.
According to the same sources, relevant to the investigation in the case, that the suspect lives in the south-east of Algeria with the parish of Mali, whose mission was to facilitate the arrival of volunteers from countries such as Libya, Egypt and Tunisia, to the stronghold of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and the provision of food, fuel and safe places for them , and then facilitate the smuggling through the corridors emanating from Libya and up to the extreme south-east of Algeria in the eye of Annai and Ozain adjacent to the borders of Nigeria, which is close as well as the borders of Libya and then access to the”Wayne Alzati”in the north of Niger, and infiltration across the paths of the desert to the north of Mali. It was during a security operation in the context of the ongoing investigation, turn off the three Libyan nationals to Algeria slipped illegally across the desert routes near Arouan valley, north of the Libyan town of languages. Investigators are trying, according to information available, to know the real number of Libyans who took advantage of the smuggling network that has been tuned recently, and was among the intruders people of other nationalities, and to identify the intentions of the Libyans that the stability of the coast or to return to Libya and to participate in the ongoing war there.
The security interests have suspected for more than two months in a network escape the Libyans to the north of Mali, after monitoring phone calls between northern Mali and the Libyan cities, and continue to investigate about the existence of other networks in the extreme south-east.
The several hypotheses before the day has confirmed the existence of training camps for al-Qaeda in the Libyan desert.. But new data confirmed that al Qaeda’s branch in the Coast works to train Libyan belonging to the same organization.. A source linked to the investigation that the interests of security and the police stopped on several occasions for the Libyans tried to infiltrate into Algeria, and is currently being investigated.

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