American politicians trained in Egypt and Tunisia in preparation for elections

Posted on May 31, 2011


Writer and news agency that the News agency “The Orabec America,” Monday, May 30, 2011 22:00
Hodhod home:
The Institute is funded by a U.S. politician said the U.S. government is currently training for activists and politicians are Egyptians and Tunisians to keep up with the political changes in the two Arab countries are ready for the upcoming elections.
He said “the National Democratic Institute,” funded by the U.S. government directly, he brought foreign officials and politicians close to Washington to Egypt “in a series of consultations with political leaders and with Egyptian activists civilians
About the political changes “in the Arab country after the fall of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.
According to the document, the United States arranged to visit the allies of Poland and Indonesia, to Cairo to teach activists and some politicians Egyptians how political moves in the coming period and the expected competition between the pro-Western forces and some Islamic parties and nationalist parties and liberalism. The document said that other visits sponsored by the Institute for officials from Serbia and Romania, and Chile for the education of Egyptian activists experiences of these countries in the transition to the Western model of democracy.
The institute said in the document obtained by Xinhua America that Orabec a copy of which said that of these foreign politicians who have visited Msrellqa Egyptian political parties and the Polish defense minister and member of the Front, the Polish Solidarity pro-Washington Janhusiz Aonchekwicz and them as well as General Indonesian retired Lagos, Djojo.
The document said: “The discussions centered on how to prepare for the elections of opposition organizations in quick time and how to teach them ways to overcome their differences and internal divisions, and then how to move in a transitional period from being routed by the military without significant posts from the people.”
And explained the document that did not Tzkrasme parties or activists, recipients of U.S. funding or timing of training that the National Democratic Institute, “helps to develop skills and strategies for election campaigns and new ways for campaigns such as the move from house to house, and house to house the tactics that had resisted and rejected by Egyptian activists in the past” .
Also revealed the document issued by the institute, said the Institute “is working with political parties and civil society organizations to discuss the electoral reforms needed.”
And the transfer of the Institute, which is based in Washington, DC, for Sergio Bitar, and Hossayas from the State of Chile, as saying that he met with youth leaders who participated in the demonstrations that toppled President Mubarak as well as leaders of some parties in Egypt.
The Institute is funded by the U.S. Administration and receives funds from USAID and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Tunisia and the institute said in its document on its activities in North Africa: “National Democratic Institute, began in the second round of research to study what is the vision of the Tunisian political parties, and are more issues that worry the citizens there.”
The institute said: “While Tunisia is preparing for the first democratic elections for more than 20 years, select the schedule in July 24, the Institute will brief the parties on the results of his research to help them in writing their policy and campaign strategies to meet the needs of the Tunisians.”
The institute said it had brought politicians from countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary and Portugal to consult with parties such as the Tunisian elections.

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